Meet the Author

Minnie Riley is a hunter, fisher, sportswoman, and writer. Minnie grew up in a small coastal town in Florida, where she still lives with her family. Since childhood, she was surrounded by the world of hunting and fishing. Her father, a big outdoors lover, exhibited many of his best trophies at their home. Her older brothers were adept hunters as well, so Minnie had to hear a lot of hunting banter in her childhood too. But she wasn’t very much interested in this hobby until her father took her on an alligator hunting trip when she was 15 years old. She fell in love with hunting ever since. Today Minnie is a proficient hunter and fisher. During the last 20 years, she hunted grizzly bears in Alaska, angled on the Hawaiian islands, and spearfished on the Bahamas. But she thinks that her native Florida with its barracudas, bluefish, and alligators is the best place of all for fishing and hunting. Minnie likes both the adrenaline rush of hunting the big game and simply enjoying nature and solitude while fishing with a rod. Though, most of the time these days, Minnie and her husband prefer to quietly angle along the coasts of Florida on their boat. Many people today shun hunting as they think that it damages the environment and that it is cruel to the animals. But Minnie doesn’t share their views. She believes that hunting and fishing actually protect the environment by making more people fall in love with the outdoors. And who wants to destroy what he loves? She also believes that hunting is a very natural thing to do for us since most of the prehistory humans provided food for themselves only through hunting and fishing. Minnie is also an experienced long-distance runner. She started jogging more than 10 years ago to improve her endurance because she thought that she was wearing out too fast during some of her hunting trips. Today, she has already run several marathons, and she dreams about running an ultra-marathon one day. She believes that physical stamina and strength is important for anybody who is serious about hunting. And she encourages other hunters to take up on some physical activity off-season. To this day, Minnie lives in her birth town in Florida with her husband and two sons. Apart from her outdoor hobbies, she enjoys having barbecues with her friends and family, reading books, and writing. Her favorite author is a fellow fisher and hunter Ernest Hemingway. His book “The Old Man and the Sea” was making Minnie inspired about fishing since her teenage years. Minnie also loves to help other people by sharing her rich experience with them. She believes that she owns to people who helped her to become a skilled fisher and hunter she is today, and she wants to give back. She thinks that the best way to do it is to help others learn the skills that she excels at. That is why she is so passionate about writing on fishing and hunting, and articles she writes for us on these topics are some of the best on the internet.