Georgia & The Great Outdoors!

Have you been wanting to start fresh and begin a ‘new life’? Looking for somewhere to move, or even just the perfect new holiday destination? Well, if you class yourself as the outdoors type, Georgia is the number one spot in the United States for you. With an incredible array of Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, and Beaches to be found. In this short guide, we will briefly touch on all of the points above. Let’s jump into one of the best parts of the outdoors-life in Georgia; hiking. In this state alone, you will find a plethora of climbs, for all experience levels. What’s even better, is that recent upgrades in infrastructure make some of these hikes even more accessible than previous years. The best time to dive into the Georgian hiking life is between late spring and early summer, as the occasional extreme weather conditions during other seasons can make this activity a little tough. If you want the best nature walk, visit Black Rock Lake. If impeccable views are more your style, trek to Udizro Lake. Finally, if you’re just looking for a fairly relaxing day out, stop by Truso Valley; this is best for beginner climbers. If hiking is too much exercise, and you are looking for something more relaxing, Georgia has perfect fishing locations. With the 2015 Bassmaster Classic being held in this very state (at Lake Hartwell) you can be sure to find some little gems everywhere. Be aware that all fishermen and anglers over the age of 16 require a license, but these are fairly simple to obtain. Check out the Golden Isles if saltwater fishing is your flavour, or Lake Seminole for giant bass. These are only a couple of the beautiful fishing sites available. With nearly every sub-type of fishing to be found in some part of Georgia, this is the perfect spot for any aspiring Angler. If you prefer Hunting over Fishing, don’t fear! Georgia is full of incredible wildlife and hunting experiences. While somewhat similar to fishing , the sport of hunting is pretty regulated in Georgia. Be sure to hold a license, and check the season dates and catch limits for your preferred way of hunting . In saying this, there is still a wealth of opportunity here if you are a hunter. With plenty of “invasive/pest’ species like Wild Hog, Coyotes, and Beavers just to name a few; there is also great deal of bigger-game to find. The likes of Deer, Bear, Alligator and Birds can all be hunted in Georgia with a certain types of Hunting Licenses. As we have covered above, Georgia is the perfect place for an outdoorsman. While this is incredible, it can be difficult to find one spot with a fairly concentrated mixture of all the best wildlife and outdoors activities. If you are looking for such a place, Jekyll Island should cover all your needs. Jekyll Island has a wealth of walking tracks, a nice beach, and even a resort, to ensure you don’t need to travel far from the island. The Georgia Sea Turtle Centre is also located here, giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the best sea life that the state offers.